Knowledge Partners

Pan Asia Simulation Society in Healthcare (PASSH) operates through evidence-based approach in healthcare education and simulation based education. References are made to experiences of and guidelines formulated by countries in the region and internationally. It was started in 2014 during a simulation meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. PASSH has conducted 2 successful conferences, one in Malaysia and one in the Phillippines, before Covid stopped such activities. It is an affiliate of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, USA.

JeevaRaksha Trust is a special purpose vehicle created by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka and Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement to roll out ‘Certified Skill Courses’ in Emergency Care and Life Support equipping doctors, nurses, paramedics and lay public with necessary skills so as to transform the Emergency Care response system and thus save lives.

Laerdal was established as a Children’s book publishing and toy company in 1940 with the mission of “Creating children’s joy”. Today, through the advancements of Resuscitation, Patient Care, and global health initiatives, Laerdal products and programs are used by voluntary organizations, educational institutions, EMS Agencies, Hospitals, and the military around the world. With a Mission of “Helping Save Lives”, Laerdal Medical is the leading solutions provider for skills- and simulation-based education and the global leaders in Health care Simulation. Our Vision is No one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness, trauma, or medical errors. Our goal is, Helping save one million lives every year by 2030. Laerdal has been influential in furthering research and implementing practices that support our core research principles including the Utstein Formula for Survival, the Chain of Survival, and the Circle of Learning.

We use evidence-based knowledge to develop and continuously refine our product and service solutions. We believe we can make the biggest impact on helping save lives by our efforts to improve educational efficiency and local implementation. Laerdal Global Health (LGH) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping saves lives of mothers and newborns in low-income countries. Through partnerships with global health and professional organizations, LGH develops high impact, low-cost training solutions.

One of the biggest challenges for improving patient safety is the opportunity to practice. With educational services from Laerdal, your instructors gain knowledge and insights into how to best use our products. This enables them to train, motivate and teach students vital lifesaving procedures. We also offer comprehensive technical service programs to meet your specific product and training needs. Our Technical Services team can also support the build-out and operation of your clinical lab. With professionally trained technical engineers around the globe, we are here to help.

MEU India was started in November 2007 as a Google group. It was the continuation of a FAIMER project titled ‘Electronic Classroom in Undergraduate Teaching. The strength grew eventually as professionals attending various medical education conferences joined over the years. MEU India organized many fruitful activities like discussions on relevant topics in healthcare, news and updates about recent advances in medical science, etc, thus creating a network of medical educators, which grew from 150 members to over 25,000 health professional teachers today. This created a national mastermind, which is working collaboratively towards improving our medical education system aiming the continuous dissemination of information and a bottom-up approach for spiraling of ideas to the top. Most decision makers of the country are part of the group leading to a lot faster evolution of medical education system in different parts of the nation. This mastermind is gradually creating multiple courses in the online world which is also facilitating a gap orientation.

MEUINDIA envisions creating a collaborative and integrated meta-university in the near future which shall facilitate collaboration between all health professional teachers from medical, dental, nursing, homoeopathy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, administration and allied subjects having relevance in medical fields. This will facilitate free flow of information over the country and the world. It will bring minds together to promote free flow of information amongst participants and various stakeholders at different levels of the medical education and health system.

The Asia Standardised Patient Educator Collaborative is an organisation that was formed by individuals from Asian countries who have a strong interest in standardised patient (SP) methodology in 2022. Our mission is to promote SP methodology in Asia, to connect SP educators in Asia for networking, collaboration as well as to share resources.
We have organised webinars on topics such as an introduction to SP methodology in Asia, SP case writing and how to recruit and retain SPs. We are planning for our inaugural international conference in 2025 that will be held in Nagoya, Japan. Our vision is to highlight the benefits of SP methodology in healthcare education and to facilitate research in this area through collaboration between educational institutions in Asia. The challenges faced by SP programs in Asia are different from those in Western countries and we advocate for sharing experience and resources to enable growth in individual medical education communities.
Our board members are from Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, Japan, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Membership to the collaborative is available via our website and members will have access to resources for program administration, case writing, feedback structure, SP training, assessment rubrics and recordings of past webinars that the collaborative has organised.

E-learning is poised to shape the way for advance learning methods in India, with 55% estimated internet penetration by 2025 and Indian universities and colleges now lifting restrictions on online learning to widen access to higher education and raise the profile of Indian institutions globally.
ClinicalKey Student, a next-generation interactive undergraduate medical education platform, can support similar transformation of your institute to digitized form of education delivery and help your college establish itself as an Institute of Excellence. ClinicalKey Student equips you to provide competency-based education seamlessly  through effective delivery and easy accessibility of impactful, most advanced, innovative content to take long strides into shaping the medicos as well-rounded professionals, even when teaching online. Equipping medical faculty and students with the content they need. 

ClinicalKey Student enhances the teaching-learning experience with content tailored to develop and assess the medical knowledge.

  • 300+ acclaimed textbooks covering 40 medical specialties, including Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology
  • 2000+ dissection and clinical exam videos (includes 333 HD lecture videos covering cardiovascular topics and cases)
  • 120,000+ copyright-cleared downloadable images previously only available with each print title purchased, but now fully unlocked and discoverable for visual learning
  • 1,500+ quick access summaries distilling complex medical conditions into easy-to-understand synopses
  • 12000+ objective questions bank across all MBBS subjects (includes 75+ AETCOM questions) 

The TN Apex Skill Development Centre for Healthcare is a joint venture between Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC), a non-profit public limited Tamil Nadu state government entity and Kauvery Hospital to impart high-end skills training in healthcare sector, to provide high technology demand driven skill development courses, in order to develop a pool of highly skilled healthcare work force.

RAAONLINE is an E-learning website on medicine providing critical and timely reinforcement to practicing professionals as well as student physicians who have a periodic need for additional support in academics as well as practical-experience-based guidance on critical cases. The website carries several contents in user-friendly media forms, developed by some of the most established medicos and teachers from India and abroad, that provide a handy point of reference at all times.

RAAONLINE provides an integrated wealth of book knowledge, online videos and live surgical experiences on a single efficient and easy smart platform never-before available in this domain.

The courses available on this website are short-listed by some of the best minds in the
field and are TNMC-accredited. There are exclusive courses on the site now available for certification and this list is regularly appended taking into consideration the need of the hour. For the first time ever, and unique to RAAonlinecertify, some of the questions in the tests contain incorporated images and videos that lend truly a unique exam experience to the candidate. Please visit website for a truly enlightening experience.


MedisimVR is a Healthcare training company which focuses on combining the benefits of Virtual Reality, Haptics and Simulation to provide a world-class solution for Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Science students.

Our Journey
The company began its foray into the healthcare sector as a Research and development company. Focussed on exploring the fields of surgical simulation, haptics, and virtual reality, we were quickly incubated at IIT Madras, whose invaluable collaboration helped build what is now our patented technology. Staying true to our commitment to transforming the medical training sector, we put ourselves on the global map as a ‘Promising MedTech Startup’ from India in a shortlist declared by the MIT & University of Massachusetts. Furthering our mission, we became the first Indian resident company at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs in Boston. Armed with a global perspective and support from the leaders in the field, we began developing Virtual Reality Skill Training Solutions. It is a first-of-its-kind MedTech solution to address the needs of the medical industry at the grassroots level. Our first step towards bringing it to life came to fruition with the setup of India’s first fully automated Virtual Reality Skill training lab, the Centre of Excellence in Pondicherry Institute of Medical Science.

Today, our research has driven the development of a variety of VR-based services and products that we offer to upskill all aspects of medicine.

The use of Virtual Reality in Clinical Skill Training gives students the opportunity to perform medical and surgical tasks while allowing them to track their progress and receive competency assessments.

Procedural simulations enable the practice of standard patient care skills in a safe environment before stepping into practice. Here, not only can one train on a fully assisted mode to learn the procedural techniques, but can also have their proficiency levels assessed via the free (unassisted) mode. This testing metric can help determine a student’s proficiency before actively engaging with patients.

Competency assessment engines are built into the modules to automatically provide an assessment of the user’s skill with a comprehensive evaluation report upon the completion of a free module. In accordance with the standards set by the implementation of competency-based medical education (CBME), these assessment engines provide not only a student’s progress but an entire cohort, highlighting areas that might require greater focus and professional assistance.

Collaborative learning platforms are being set up, where multiple users placed in any corner of the world can be hosted in the same virtual space, promoting remote tutoring sessions and facilitating group learning and inter-role communication.

These simulations not only facilitate upskilling but also provide students with the unique opportunity to practice their patient interaction and care skills in a controlled environment. Curated by field experts in accordance with curriculum offered by the National Medical Commission, we boast an extensive library of 30 skills already available, with 100 more to be added by 2023.

Centres of Excellence are in-person, fully functional laboratories inside medical institutions. Traditionally, technological methodology has not been the system of choice when it comes to the training of medical students. Maintenance of equipment and technology being solely the responsibility of institutions has grown to be an obstacle to the adoption of these newer methods. However, here we take on the burden of not only maintenance and updating of technology but its dispensing among the student population too. By converting a space inside the campus with custom interiors and providing trained personnel to assist with the operations, the Institutional burden has been vastly reduced allowing for greater ease of adoption of this newer technology. This event provides us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our Virtual Reality Training lab, which is located within 15 minutes from the conference venue. This video also provides a quick glimpse of the VR training lab in action –

Academe Consortium is proud to be associated with ICON-2023 as a sponsor. Academe Consortium is an education technology consortium for higher education institutions, aimed at providing digital solutions for education and research in the Asia-Pacific. Academe is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, and Cologne, Germany with regional offices in India. Academe India aims to provide cost-effective, specialised services in education technology for health professions education, particularly in competency-based medical education and research.

Academe specialises in provision of Academic Platforms as a Service, built on multi-cloud infrastructure custom-built to support niche solutions for the Academia.

Our services include:

  • The Cloud, including our shared data center, Amazon Web Services, Web Hosting and Servers.
  • Connectivity, including access to the NKN, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.
  • Cybersecurity, including risk assessment, mitigation, and insurance, Incident Response Team, data recovery, migration, and ransomware situation response.
  • Guides, including best practice guides for getting the best from digital technologies in education and research
  • Help and Support, including our trademarked ‘passionate support’ to help you with close assistance during mission-critical periods of assessments, accreditations, events, etc.
  • Library Support, including consortium access to digital resources, library capability enhancement, access to collections, literature, and scientific journals.
  • Learning and Research Resources including eBooks, Continued Professional Education materials, Video Libraries, Audio Collections, etc.
  • Open Access, including Journals, starting of new journals, ORCHID consortium membership, CORE.
  • Training, including critical training for your faculty and staff in E-Learning, Content authoring, and helping you respond to the digital requirements of your organisation.
  • Trust and Identity including eduroam, INFED, Single Sign On, etc
  • Communications and Marketing, including websites, course marketing, social media presence management, perception, and publicity.
  • E-Learning and Online Courses, including learning management systems, training and professional development, and capacity building.
  • Events and Conferences, including platforms, registration, event management
  • University radio and television, including turnkey solutions for your own online or FM radio stations, podcasts, and University television channels for live broadcasts, youtube channels, etc
  • Student Support Systems, including support and grievance portals, online Chat based support systems with artificial intelligence-based chatbot support.
  • University Press, including support for publishing houses, journals, monographs, magazines, and other print material.

Academe EPortfolios
Academe EPortfolios OpenSaaS is a versatile platform for the implementation of a complete competency-based postgraduate medical education system. The platform supports a range of eportfolio-based CBME programs, with entrustable professional activities (EPA), milestones, attainment scores, mentorship, close guidance, 360 feedback, curriculum planning and postgraduate training.